vital homes program

Simply put – this program is vital. It is vital to the long-term sustainability of Canmore’s social and economic diversity. Vital to keep families in the community. Vital Homes is for people who live and work in Canmore. This program, which was previously called the Perpetually Affordable Housing program, brings homeownership within reach and provides more affordable rental options to eligible residents.

Vital Homes is a community investment in Canmore’s housing infrastructure. It allows CCH to provide homes at below-market prices to eligible community members. To ensure that the investment and the prices are retained for the benefit of future residents, resale and rental price formulas are used. This means that if you own your Vital Homes property, a resale price formula indexed to inflation is used to calculate how much your home may increase in value each year. If you rent, you can be assured rental rates will remain at least 10 per cent below market rental rates.

To find out if Vital Homes is for you, read the Frequently Asked Questions. You can also contact CCH for more information or attend an upcoming information session, which are scheduled monthly.

Applicants must meet specific criteria based on employment, residency, income, asset and other qualifications as determined from time to time. These criteria demonstrate a connection to Canmore and a need for affordable housing. Full details can be found in the application packages or by contacting the CCH office. Homes must be the applicant’s permanent, primary residence. If you own your home, housemates and boarders are permitted if a titled owner remains in permanent residence.


The Accessory Dwelling Grant Program (ADGP) assists approved applicants in offsetting the costs of constructing a new accessory dwelling(s), or legalizing existing accessory dwelling(s), at their property in Canmore, where the land use bylaw allows. This program helps increase the supply of safe rental housing availability in the Town of Canmore.

CCH will contribute up to $20,000, or 75 per cent of the total costs (whichever is lower), to assist homeowners in either converting non-legal suites to legal suites or constructing municipally approved legal suites. Certain conditions do apply. Successful applicants to the ADGP program will be bound by a 10-year term where the accessory dwelling created must be rented at 10 per cent below the CCH Market Rate for a comparable unit in Canmore. The suite must be rented to a tenant who meets CCH’s Rental Eligibility Criteria. CCH will attempt to provide the approved applicant with a CCH approved tenant from its Vital Homes rental waitlist should the approved applicant request this support.

For further details on this program, view CCH’s Statement of Policy and Procedure here, or the ADGP Grant Funding Agreement. If you are interested in this program, and feel you meet the eligibility requirements, please fill out the application form and contact us to make an appointment.

If you have questions about this program, please contact Erik Butenschon, Manager of Housing Programs, at or 403-609-9983 ext. 102.


The Matching Down Deposit Program (MDDP) is a new pilot program for current Vital Homes owners and those currently on the Vital Homes ownership waitlist. Those that are interested in the program, but not currently on the ownership waitlist, can apply to be on the Waitlist, and if approved, would be eligible for the MDDP program.

The primary purpose of this program is to assist current Vital Homes owners and those on the Vital Homes ownership waitlist to acquire a market or CCH property under a home-ownership tenure within the Town of Canmore. The property the approved applicants are acquiring, must be their first market or Vital Homes property —meaning they have been on title.

CCH will match an approved applicant’s deposit on the purchase of their first home, which must be within the Town of Canmore’s boundaries, dollar for dollar, up to $25,000 by way of a second mortgage. This second mortgage would be loaned at a rate of one per cent simple interest, for a five-year term, with the option of being extended for a second five-year term. The purchase price of the property being acquired must be $800,000 or less (net of GST), and it must be used as the purchaser’s primary residence.

For further details on the program, view our Statement of Policy and Procedure or the MDDP Commitment Letter. If you would like to see the MDDP Mortgage Letter, please contact us. Please note that limited funds are available.

If you are interested in this program and feel you meet the eligibility requirements, please fill out the application form below and contact us to make an appointment. If you have questions about this program, please contact Erik Butenschon, Manager of Housing Programs, at or 403-609-9983 ext. 102.